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Additional sources of information on Pilonidal Disease are provided, including articles, lectures, and surgical videos:

1.  An American  Site on Pilonidal Disease. Established by Dr. Bascom father and son. Dr. Bascom Sr. is known for his research on the disease in the 1980s and has developed surgical treatment methods including a minimal excision called "pit picking" and an asymmetrical wide resection known as "Bascom 2 surgery".

2.  A review article on the treatment of pilonidal sinus (2019).

3.  Surgical Symposium 2019 (USA) featuring the Minor Surgery on the Treatment of PNS.

4.  Lecture by U.S. pediatric surgeon, Charles Leys, on the options for surgical treatment (2019).

5.  Lecture by a U.S. surgeon, Scott Steele, with an emphasis on wide-excision and flap reconstruction (2017).

6.  Lecture by Sven Petersen from germany (in English) on wide resection surgery with flap reconstruction (2017).

7.   Lecture of Dr. Moshe Gips at the First International Pilonidal Conference in Germany, 2017, on Minor Surgery, including an Operative short Video.

8.  Wikipedia (Israel) on pilonidal sinus.

9.  Wide resection surgery with Karydakys flap, by Australian surgeon Peter Wyscoki in 2017.

10. New York Surgical Symposium 2017 featuring the Minor Surgery Method presented by Dr. Aaron Lipskar (Pediatric Surgeon).
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