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Welcome to the Pilonidal web site

It's all about Pilonidal sinus. Information on novel minimal treatments and on traditional surgeries by wide excision. Post-operative treatment instructions. Coping with recurrent Illness and healing disorders. The information on the site is intended to improve the quality of treatment and its chances of success.

The author:  Dr. Moshe Gips. Graduate of the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine. Israeli board-certified in surgery. During the 90's developed an easier treatment for pilonidal disease using small punches (trephines).

The method was published in the medical literature under the title "Minimal surgery for pilonidal sinus using trephines". 
The data offered in the site is based mostly on research of the relevant medical literature and, in part, on the opinions and personal experience of the author. This is an educational site, describing all optional treatments for pilonidal disease while shedding light on modern and less aggressive surgical therapies.

Patients and caregivers can find here helpful information on the variety of treatments and also instructions for efficient postoperative care. 
This information, however, is not a substitute for physical examination and personal consultation by a surgeon.
Pictures and Illustrations in the site were originaly sketched by the author or collected from medical articles and the web and graphically modified for the site by the author.

(Caution! Some pictures may be unpleasant to watch).

Founded 1/2014. Revised 4/2023.
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